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Each team has an identity that is shaped through its function in the organization, its interpersonal and interdepartmental dynamics, its communications, its blind spots, its learning style, its stage of development and much more.

This team is strongly aligned, embraces the essentials and wants coherence. It counts on its relational skills and is guided by its systemic awareness. It wants each of its member to find fulfillment and to contribute collectively. The human connection that it generates, inspires discernment, debates, creativity and curiosity.

Main areas of development

  • Put in place an agile, simple and coherent
    framework to facilitate productivity
    and relationships
  • Maximize strengths and develop the human potential
  • Stimulate the autonomy and co-responsibility
    of each member of the team so that each
    contributes to the collective success
  • Instill a climate of trust and kindness
  • Establish habits that enhances creative thinking,
    connectivity and commitment
  • Take on authentic and courageous conversations
  • Encourage positive interactions while handling
    differences of opinions
  • Show open-mindedness, curiosity and inclusion
    when facing diversity and different perspectives
  • Nourish and support feedback
  • Value learning and recognition by celebrating successes
    as well as failures

Types of services

  • Lac-à-l’épaule and retreats

  • Strategic thinking and planning

  • Executive team coaching

  • Management team coaching

  • Diagnosis and team portrait

  • Team and group coaching

  • Team consolidation

  • Mission and team agreement

  • Team development program

  • Development program on human skills

  • Training courses, conferences and posts

  • Hosting of post-mortem and work sessions

  • Setting-up of spaces to think, to cultivate mindfulness
    and to seek advice

  • Tools to encourage collaborative meetings

  • Psychometric evaluations

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The team’s Odyssey

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The organization’s Odyssey

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