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Introduction of HODYSS Evolution
March 8, 2021

Montréal, March 10 2021 – It’s with great pride that we present today HODYSS Evolution, our firm specialized in human capital development. HODYSS Evolution has come into being thanks to our desire to live the common dream of propelling the human connection in the world of business. Having experienced this connection in times of effervescence and turbulence, we were creators as well as witnesses of its positive impact on organizational performance. This is why we have consciously chosen to act as catalysts to foster human connections in business.

What’s the meaning behind the name HODYSS Evolution? It means “Dare the human odyssey at the heart of your organization“. The letter H represents the human while the letters ODYSS represent the odyssey. These days, being in business is similar to living an odyssey. It’s an adventure where each person is considered a leader. It’s a journey with a clear destination but where the means to reach it is not always known with certainty. It’s a quest of the essential which calls for discernment experimentation and adaptation. This journey invites us more than ever to put to the fore the unique and complementary value of the leader, the team and the organization.

Who is behind HODYSS Evolution? Three cofounders with a recognized and highly sought-after expertise who have more than 25 years of experience and uphold the highest standards of excellence. They’ve worked with businesses, from small and medium- sized to large ones, that were key actors of their industries. They are appreciated for their authenticity, creativity, courage and relational intelligence. Offering different perspectives, this team approaches the world of business with a new vision to foster success and the best for all.

Christine Carrier, MBA
Business Strategist and Executive coach
Marketing & Leadership

Carolina Castro, CRHA
Organization Strategist and Executive coach
Development & Leadership

Louise Poisson, PCC, CPCC
Team Strategist and Executive coach
Innovation & Leadership

About HODYSS Evolution

HODYSS Evolution human connections to the heart of the organization. We recognize that each business odyssey is unique and evolves within a living environment. This is why we offer personalized services and tailor-made solutions. By collaborating with leaders, teams and the organization, we build on leadership development and related skills. We encourage as a team the development of a strong alignment which combines individual fulfillment and collective contribution for the good of productivity. We accelerate organizational growth to achieve a human and agile culture to ensure the continuity of its imprint. The firm also offers services in strategic planning, coaching and much more.

For more information, we invite you to visit our website at the following address:

Media Relations:
Christine Carrier
Cofounder, Business Strategist and Executive coach
P : 514.228.8383
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