Human imprint

 Our imprint

Each individual, team or organization is unique. They all have the mental, physical and emotional capacity to reach their full potential. We believe in their ability to reinvent themselves and to create.


Activate the consciousness of individuals, teams and organizations to dare build human connections leading to everyone’s success.


Our team honors these fundamental principles:

  • the uniqueness of each individual

  • the power of emotions

  • the creative power of all

  • the multitude of intelligences

  • the co-existence of human, technological and ecological elements in business

  • the human capacity to meet challenges and to see opportunities

  • the insight to make responsible and winning choices for all



Authenticity Essentials Listening Presence Creativity

Be oneself Go straight to the point Drop one’s ego Dare audacity and curiosity Show empathy Dare to be vulnerable Connect to the other, here and now Have insight Hear the unspoken, trust intuition Be open to possibilities Appreciate the whole of who I am Promote fluidity and ease Reformulate Act with steadiness and purpose Co-create holistically



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