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Our wishes for the holiday season 2021!
December 23, 2021

What a reversal in situation we’re experiencing! Variants are again putting our capacity to adapt to the test and invite us to take once more the path of ambiguity, a road strewn with unpredictability. It is one of the rare occasions when emotions are running the full gamut as often as the dear old jolly man goes up and down our chimneys this time of year. We all go through a rich range of emotions, be it sadness, anger, disappointment… What a wondrous way to remind us of OUR HUMANITY!

One of the most powerful emotional messages we’re receiving as this year is coming to a close is the need to stay in touch despite the challenges. Human beings love to be together, to laugh, to share, to learn, to evolve and to have fun. HURRAH FOR HUMAN CONNECTIONS!

We know that the business community has the ability to bounce back when faced with adversity. It can make meaningful choices that will go beyond the actual pandemic. This is why we would like to acknowledge all your efforts to stay focused on your AUTHENTICITY, your COURAGE, your INSIGHT, and your DETERMINATION to be there for those with whom you collaborate.

For us at HODYSS Evolution, our gift in 2021 was to have accomplished our return in order to fully live our human passion in business. What was your gift?

We wish you a very happy holiday season and a wonderful 2022 odyssey which, thanks to your human powers, will be your Northern Lights!


Carolina, Louise and Christine

HODYSS Évolution,





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