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COVID, a new way to see our reality
March 24, 2021

A year ago, COVID-19 appeared in our lives and hits with a strong blow our habits and our reference points, forcing us to see our reality differently and calling for a new individual and collective posture.

For leaders, teams and organizations, anything set in motion each day, hour, minute and second leads to a response that is reactive or intentional. Leaders aspire to be agile in order to create value and to ensure success and wellness for all. Despite all our good intentions, our emotions and actions create impacts which propel or slow down our ability to bounce back.

For HODYSS Evolution, each change represents an opportunity to learn, to adapt and to evolve. The change caused by this pandemic is an opportunity to increase the human connection at the heart of the organization. It can inspire a return to the essential by valuing an empathic and authentic leadership by being fully present to what the other is experiencing. This individual and organizational posture is meant to be curious and courageous while recognizing the other as unique and as having access to a multitude of resources. It promotes autonomy by letting the other take the driver’s seat while staying nearby, if need be. Consequently, it requires a coexistence with paradoxes while exercising discernment and wisdom. In other words, it can help acknowledge the emotions and saboteurs felt by the other, support him in his actions and make him discover new perspectives to achieve success for all.

As a captor of information, the leadership we envision clarifies the situation and asks enlightening and inspiring questions. Here are some examples:

  • How do you feel about what we are living at this moment (green, yellow or red)?
  • What do you need now?
  • How can I help you? What can we do as an organization to accommodate you and you, what can you do?
  • What is essential to do now?
  • When you mentioned this…, can you clarify what this means for you?
  • I only want to make sure I understood well, is this what you meant…?
  • How can this stimulate and motivate you, your team and your organization?

In order to back you up when faced with the human challenges this planetary change has had on your organization, your team or your leadership, HODYSS Evolution is there for you. In compliance with the guidelines issued by the Public Health Agencies of Canada and of Quebec, our team prefers using new technologies, face-to-face connections when possible and any other communication tool so as to not put a stop to your organizational actions. The COVID obstacle is still a reality, let’s continue to be in the action and dare the odyssey together!





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