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The pause
The pause
Dare to take a pause to improve your productivity and well-being!
April 14, 2021

Many of us are looking for opportunities to increase productivity and improve our sense of well-being. Let’s be honest, we take pride in being busy, often seeing it as a way to measure our productivity and to prove our importance and commitment level. In North America, this desire to excel also stems from deep-seated personal and societal beliefs, which is why leaders often have misconceptions about what it means when someone takes a pause. They find themselves wondering, “Is this person all right? Do they lack motivation? Are they sick? Why waste such precious time?”

Could these beliefs be depriving us of another form of productivity? And what does this have to do with taking a PAUSE?

We live in an era in which our Attention is constantly being diverted and distractions abound. But we need to focus our Attention whenever we learn something new, and the ability to concentrate is crucial for the kind of critical thinking that separates the wheat from the chaff. Attention is what enables us to grasp the essence of the massive amounts of information we have to contend with, which only continue to grow. That said, our emotions can hold our Attention hostage. And these days, our Attention can be easily derailed with our overuse of communication tools: its effectiveness is diminished by our increasing desire to multitask.

At HODYSS Evolution, we see Attention as a rare and limited commodity. It must be protected and used wisely when the need arises. It is an indispensable resource that can help elevate our sense of accomplishment. We aspire to achieve high levels of Attention and performance in the present moment, while also preserving a sense of well-being. With our experience and passion for people-focused business, coupled with our understanding of neuroscience, we have come to recognize that Attention varies in quality, and that its worst enemies are fear and heightened stress.

The link with the PAUSE

That’s why we are creating the PAUSE for you, your teams and your organization. Our aim is to provide you with moments of relaxation and respite to ease the demand on your Attention and help refresh your batteries. We also hope to inspire those special EUREKA moments that lead to richer, more profound success. We want you to leverage this source of productivity. This pause may vary from two to 15 minutes and is both simple and creative. They are meant to stimulate your senses, whether by making you laugh, eliciting an emotional response or even taking you out of your comfort zone. Together, let’s take action: let’s relax and recharge, and discover the remarkable high speed capabilities of the unconscious mind. Above all, don’t miss out on this opportunity for improved performance!





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