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Let’s celebrate our collective determination!
May 28, 2021

Time for a confession: with the pandemic, we all had to explore paths we would never have chosen as a leader, as a team and as an organisation.

After fourteen months of pandemic, we finally see the light looming on the horizon! Starting now, we can think about « little partys », animated terraces and even uplifting cultural and sports events. And we may even « hope for more », once we get both doses of the vaccine!

Our team at HODYSS Evolution went back to the essential. Our determination has allowed us to find an inspiring goal to push us into action. This goal consisted in recognizing our innate need for human connection. As a social being, it’s a fact that we love to be, to laugh, to collaborate and to perform together. We love being part of a team and of an organisation. Thus, we have reconnected with our profound human nature and have made sense out of it!

This determination has also taught us to cultivate our patience. The road was long and it took a long time. It led us to redefine notions of time, space, movement and reward. We dared to create and we have clearly expressed our new direction!

This determination called on us to show our perseverance. We weren’t engaged in a sprint but rather, a kind of marathon. We trusted our capacity to unite, to help each other, to pull ourselves up and to deal with challenges. We had the firm and obstinate conviction that we could get through this ordeal, one step at a time while treating with care the members of our group and our energies. We became observers of our thoughts. We were sensitive to our emotional signs. We bounced back with wisdom!

This is why HODYSS Evolution would like to dedicate this day to all those Québec leaders who have shown the same collective determination and the courage to safeguard this human connection in business. It is with great warmth that we congratulate you and tip our hats to you!

We take this opportunity, to announce that HODYSS Evolution will celebrate this collective determination today, by officially weigh anchor and up sails at the end of this week, in order to truly live our human odyssey in the world of business!





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