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Let’s revive our unforgettable memories!
December 14, 2021

Already a year has gone by since our company started on its odyssey. It has allowed us to put into practice our model of human connection in business. We have truly moved forward, transforming ideas into actions. Possibilities have become reality. We dared believe in it, we went for it and realised our passion!

At HODYSS Evolution, a celebration is a privileged moment to crystallise our identity. It’s a ritual. It’s a beacon. It’s a source of energy. By celebrating, we honor who we truly are and what we value as well as make the deliberate choice to get energised!

As humans, we all have the capacity to remember our experiences that were rewarding and stimulating. These precious memories will always be an integral part of us, such as learning to walk or to bike.

At this point, you must be wondering why we insist so much on celebrating since this is not something new under the sun. Well, think again! News are that mental imagery brings results. Imagining an action or taking action both activate the same pattern of neurons! Therefore, the benefits are still there for us! Now you know! Consequently, the more we reactivate our experiences, the more these experiences bring lasting changes in our brain. As a leader, it means, in concrete terms, more gratitude, more selfconfidence and more determination.

That’s why we have chosen to take a moment to celebrate our first anniversary. After only one year, we’ve stocked up on unforgettable memories which define our identity, experiences which have driven us and will continue to do so again and again! They thus have become new resources easily accessible, thanks to our attention, our intentions, our relations and our actions. They are our embers that, when needed, rekindle our flame and reenergise us! Why do without?





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